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Engineering localization service committed to Translation, Documentation and Consulting.

Long termed relied by customers from Automotive, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and other manufacturers...

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Accuracy, reliability and Consistency.

Focused on material technology related translation and localization


Concision, compliance and efficiency.

Merge engineering with Aesthetics during technical documentation.


Profession and Flexibility

On-demand tailored solution to help your in market development and supply chain localization.




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Cloud technology introduced into translation

China Automotive Professional (CAP) memberships exceed 5800

Chemical industry service grow rapidly.



2018-6- 8



Louci introduced cloud technology and AI to boost translation service.




As leading group in China automotive industry, CAP attracted members from famous OEM, Tier-1 and components manufacturers across the world.


Cooperation with leading universities in China, Louci provide translation and localization to chemical giants in the world.

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